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gepinnt   Beverly Hoyle (TORONTO, ONTARIO NEW YEARS EVE) Eintrag 473 am: 05.12.2011 um 20:11
Great News ~ The Good Brtothers ~ Hugh's Room (Toronto, Ontario) December 31, 2011, What a fabulous way to celebrate NEW YEARS EVE.   For Advanced Tickets  ~
Call 415 531-6604 ~ $45.00  ~  space is limited ~ call today to join the Fun...Good Cheer to one and All !
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gepinnt   Tetta aus Netherlands (concerts the Netherlands?) Eintrag 472 am: 21.11.2011 um 10:16
Hi Good guys, will there be more concerts in the Netherlands?
I would love to see and hear you again!!!

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gepinnt   Catherine aus Stow, Massachusetts (Memory Lane) Eintrag 471 am: 14.11.2011 um 13:00
I last saw the Good Brothers in the late 70's at a blue grass festival in Carlisle.  30+ years later my 9 year old daughter is playing the fiddle so I found 'fox on the run' for her to play.  She is now off and fiddling blue grass!  Thanks for the memories!
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gepinnt   PHJim aus Port Hope (Fox On The Run) Eintrag 468 am: 19.10.2011 um 22:17
I first saw the Good Brothers at the Carlisle Bluegrass Festival and was sure that you played Fox On The Run, but have read that you didn't start doing it till 1981.
My wife and I saw you guys on our first date at the Colbourne Arena about thirty years ago.
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gepinnt   Lisa Good Knowles aus Bathurst, N.B. (Great Concert & seeing you all again) Eintrag 466 am: 15.10.2011 um 12:09
It was great seeing you all last night. My mom & dad (Glen & Ester Good) really enjoyed seeing you all to. Dad still talks about you guys when you used to come visit downshore (Clifton) when you guys were young. He has some great stories..lol.. You put on a great show. We hope to see you again soon and that you don't not wait another 15 years to come back...Hope you enjoy the rest of your Homeward Bound Tour. Safe Travels.
Love your cousin
Lisa Good Knowles
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gepinnt   Anne and Dave aus Meteghan, NS (Back at Last in Little Brook, NS) Eintrag 464 am: 09.10.2011 um 07:58
It was great to see you again after many years.  Last time you shared the stage with a few of us (myself included) on a few songs, seeing you guys again brought back a lot of 'good' memories ~ thanks so much and hope you come back to Clare again ~ cheers ♫
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gepinnt   John Bennett aus Hamilton, ON (Canada) (AN OLD VENUE) Eintrag 462 am: 08.10.2011 um 18:26
I was remembering a show you performed when I was a youngin'. It was at the Bronte Athletic Field in Oakville Ontario and i do not remember paying anything for this show. I do not remember much of it (alcohol or drugs not a factor)  I do remember you playin' Hot Knife Boogie. I was a teen then so maybe 1979. I was wondering if you or someone that was there could give me an exact date.
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