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gepinnt   Lindon aus Niagara on the Lake (James Ackroyd) Eintrag 439 am: 03.05.2011 um 12:19
Found some lost tapes of James Ackroyd  with me on drums, from a rehearsal in 1980......bunch of original songs on there, brought back some fond memories, he could rock.......lvh
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gepinnt   THELADY AND OLDTOAD GIL aus ajax ontario (TROOP CD SUMMER CMAO ARTISTS ONLY) Eintrag 438 am: 28.04.2011 um 15:13
we will be making a cd for troop folks this summer featuring indie folks who are members of the CMAO, of which we are founding members/fans

We would like to have a song of yours on the cd to support this project.

The cd will showcase ONTARIO COUNTRY MUSIC and folk artists

we hope to tie this in with the sept casing of CMAO at the country music awards show
we are associated with hero to hero team canada who along with Julian Austin supports troops and our small efforts

please google us oldtoad gil theladyand oldtoad gil or write back PLEASE
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gepinnt   Dale M aus Sudbury, Ontario (Come play Sudbury) Eintrag 437 am: 14.04.2011 um 14:27
Would love to see you guys back in Sudbury. Must be a few years since you played here. Anyway come on back a try our new amphitheatre.

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gepinnt   linda aus dundas Eintrag 436 am: 10.04.2011 um 06:49
Bumped into someone this morning who was at a jam session last night with one of the good.  he asked me if i heard of the Good Brothers - the memories and excitement came flowing back.  You guys were our whole teenage life and we followed everywhere.  i had every album and knew all the words.  thank you for the best of times and for making  our complicated youth light hearted with your music.  All situations were simplified with the music and words of the good brothers!!
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gepinnt   Scruff aus Tucson Az (Glad ur back) Eintrag 435 am: 01.04.2011 um 17:40
Glad  you're back from over the pond. Look forward to seeing you soon. Your pal, Scruff
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gepinnt   Eefje aus Holland Eintrag 434 am: 28.03.2011 um 15:21
JESUS!! What a energie on the stage!
You r all still singing and playing so great!
I enjoy so much your performance, with all the other people around me.
Beautiful REAL music so in harmonie with your voices...
Every year i like it more...
It will never boring!
Thank you so much for comming to Holland!!
and hope you will all come again.
Be safe home too, and have a nice time there!

Sweet greetings,

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gepinnt   Wild Bill aus Zephyr (Uxbridge Ontario ) Eintrag 430 am: 23.03.2011 um 16:39
Hope to see you in Uxbridge soon
                                              Wild Bill
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